OUr Culture

Dedication, Focus, and Partnership

No two team members have taken the same path to Laurion Capital

Laurion Capital strives to assemble its team by bringing together people with different backgrounds and life experiences, who share a group-first philosophy predicated on dedication, focus, and partnership; no two team members have taken the same path to Laurion Capital.  This open-minded approach to team building and investing, which has been a hallmark of our firm since inception, continues to drive Laurion Capital’s evolution and growth.

Team Building

Team building at Laurion Capital does not just take place in our offices or through our day-to-day work.

We believe that getting the best out of each other requires knowing one another as people, not just colleagues. We mark the seasons together with our summer and holiday gatherings. We have organized team building activities that have included bowling, trivia, cooking classes and playing soccer together. Laurion Capital values its people as people, and its people value knowing each other.

Three people working together to climb a mountain