Laurion Capital Management LP

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach To Capital Markets Investing


Where Qualitative Meets Quantitative

Our research and investing teams utilize a wide aperture to capture qualitative and quantitative perspectives and data points. The intersection of the qualitative and quantitative yields valuable insights and investment opportunities, which we pursue across a range of asset classes.


We are a team,
above all else.

We work collaboratively and inclusively. We trust each other. We focus on processes, solutions and results; we take pride in that focus and the outcomes it produces. We value and embrace creativity and flexibility. We are always open to evolving and changing. We set high expectations for each other and our firm; we will continue to elevate our expectations and push ourselves further. We believe that success is most rewarding when it is accomplished collectively and shared with others.

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A team climbing a mountain

We are far from where we started, and far from where we are going.

Laurion Capital is led by founding partners Ben Smith and Sheehan Maduraperuma, who established the firm in September 2005, and Zhe (“Jerry”) Zhou, who joined the firm in 2008 and became a Partner in 2017. Prior to founding Laurion Capital, Ben and Sheehan developed and ran a proprietary trading team at JP Morgan where they met in the late 1990s.

Since inception, Laurion Capital has navigated through shifting business cycles and investment landscapes. Our broad and diverse set of uncorrelated investment strategies spans asset classes and markets.  This approach has helped us to scale into developing opportunity sets and mitigate risk. Our flexibility has allowed Laurion to navigate in different environments while ensuring that the firm does not have a key dependence on a single strategy or asset class.

We are far from where we started and where we are going.